200 days to go

Mòd Ghlaschu 2019

‘Ceud taing dhan a h-uile duine airson tighinn a-mach an diugh, bha latha air leth again!

Big thanks to Princes Square for hosting our '200 days to go Ceilidh', we hope you all enjoyed that small introduction to Mòd Ghlaschu 2019.

We had fantastic performances throughout the day - big thank you to all who took part, the choirs, performers and dancers, you were all fantastic! And Gunna Sound Official keeping us busy on the dance floor too!

We can't believe it is only 200 days to go. We will be hosting a variety of different events in the run up to October, so keep an eye on social and the website for further details!’ - Mòd Ghlaschu 2019